Amazing weather greeted the 38 teams that showed up for the annual two-person TT held on the rolling tarmac of Castle Peak Rd.

Saturday 8th May 2021

This event is in its third year now and its become very popular due to the great location and the format that encourages teamwork but gives no quarter! It was great to see so many riders from clubs from all over Hong Kong take part and the atmosphere in the small car park was fantastic with lots of cheering squads! Needless to save that the TW Feather and Bone struggled with the influx of sweaty riders after the event.

Before we get into the results of the competition, we need to announce the winner for the best team name. That award goes to Andrew Sharkey and Niek Niens for their team name "YOUR PACE OR MINE?". It's a well-deserved win, not just because of the genius of the name, but because this pair started and almost completed their effort no less than 3 times! Each time they were scuppered by a mechanical and failed to post a time. They were out there trying for well over 1hr 30 but unfortunately were beaten by bad luck.

On to the serious business! The winners of the SIR DUO TT race for 2021 were:


🥇  DELAY NO MORE HAM CAR CHAN RCCHKG - Chris Liu , Daryl Chan (31:27 @ avg 46.1km/h)


🥇  #GONEEATING RCC AUNTIES - Wynnie Fung , Lenny Leung (36.52 @ avg 39.3km/h)

Massive congratulations to these two teams!

The full provisional results are below. These are provisional as there are a few times missing where riders failed to trigger the segment properly, and also one team with rider names that do not match the registered names.

Men' Results

PositionTeam NameTimeSpeedRiders
1DELAY NO MORE HAM CAR CHAN RCCHKG31.2746.1Chris Liu , Daryl Chan
2DARKART CYCLING32.0245.3Alex Cho , Hinny Cheng
3ROCKET & VIRTUAL RCCHKG32.4244.3Brian Tam , Arthur Chan
4WAIT, I’M STILL COMING UP WITH ONE (DAX)33.0543.8Lau wan hei victor , Lo chun kit
5RAINBOW WARRIORS33.4542.9Philippe Consentino , Ben Allen
6TOTOGOTO34.0642.5Wong Yik Nam ,Toto , Yip Shing Hei ,Harry
7SUCCESS EZR TEAM CB34.0742.5Spoonb , Calvin 九雲
8PEANUT BUTTER34.1442.3Joseph , Andrea
9TEAM ON 9934.2642.1Vincent Sy , Ben Ho
10BLACK PANTHERS34.2842Liam,Camel
11TEAM WATTSLAB34.3142Wilson Lph , Kev
12KIDULTS LAB RCCHKG TEAM34.4841.6Barry Lin , Ocean Lo
13TAKE IT EASY34.5341.5Matt Deely , Sergio Rodriguez
14BEAR WRIGHT35.0041.4Rupert Griffiths , Paul Wright
15LIKE6 TEAM35.0141.4A.Lun , Jason
16COUPLA CLOWNS35.0941.2Dimitris , Redders
17SUCCESS EZR SMALLFUNG TEAM35.2241Small , lcfung
18THE RESUMES35.2341Craig Hudleston , Viv Varadarajan
19THE SLOW & FURIOUS 2 (RCCHKG)35.4740.5Justin Lam , Tommy Leung
204 WHATS PER KILO35.5440.4Fabian , Willem
21ABOVE THE CLOUDS35.5640.3Jeremy borne , Julien bonnard
2260KG TEAM36.0040.3Chi , James
23TKO POWER LAB36.0440.2Hei Tai , Tofu
24TEE TEE NEWBIES36.1540Jason Macleod , Steven Stewart
25HAMSTER LEG (RCCHKG)36.2939.7Andrew Lam , Clive Lam
26TEAM LEGWORX36.3839.6Eddie Wong , Euan Matheson
27IN THE NICK OF TIME37.1738.9Nick , Julian
28DOUBLE DRAGON37.5638.2Daniel Blake , Paul McMahon
29WE NEED TAIL WIND38.1237.9Joseph , Wing Jun
30DOUBLE EXPRESSOS39.3136.7Ric Shadforth , Matthew Laight

Women's Results

PositionTeam NameTimeSpeedRiders
1#GONEEATING RCC AUNTIES36.5239.3Wynnie Fung , Lenny Leung
2TEAM CELESTE38.1837.8Emilie Soust , Ella Karsemeijer
3ROLLING RCC AUNTIES39.5236.4Val Rchrd , Carin Cheung (EZR)
4A VICIOUS CYCLE39.5836.3Susan Clear , Jen Hsieh
5#CAMELHOS40.4535.6Mary Ho , Hetti Ho(mun) Cheung