Clubs and Organisations

A full list of the cycling community relevant to Hong Kong cyclists!

  • Cyclone Cycling Club

    Cyclone Cycling Club

    Founded in 2005, Cyclone Cycling Club is an amateur cycling team, comprised of cycling enthusiasts of different walks of life. We have regular rides in Hong Kong and China, we also have strong participation in various races and cycling events.

  • Cycosports


    Cycosports began with the idea of creating professional yet affordable road races for the cycling community of Singapore but soon realised the demand for events from cyclists from Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

  • Dragons Triathlon Club

    Dragons Triathlon Club

    The Hong Kong Dragons are proud to be a club for members of all ability levels. They offer social events, triathlon training events, running, cycling and swimming sessions and a host of other fun activities.

  • Lantau Buffalos

    Lantau Buffalos

    The Lantau Buffalos are a group of like-minded endurance-sport enthusiasts based in beautiful Discovery Bay, Lantau Island, Hong Kong.

  • Masters Tour of Chiang Mai

    Masters Tour of Chiang Mai

    The Masters Tour of Chiang Mai consists of 4 stages with something for everybody: sprinter, strategist, time trial specialist, climbers, everyone will get a chance to score in one of the stages, or to get the overall win.

  • MetaSport


    Events are designed to provide compelling experiences BEYOND sport where the finish line is a milestone on the journey to a better life.

  • Omicron Cycling Team

    Omicron Cycling Team

    A club for cyclist and triathletes players of different skill levels. They schedule group training and participate in races and events in Hong Kong.

  • OSSA Janiton Cycling Club

    OSSA Janiton Cycling Club

    OSSA Janiton is an established local racing team, that attend most Hong Kong races.

  • Project852


    Project852 is all about having the opportunity to be part of a HONG KONG team at overseas stage races by combining riders from multiple Hong Kong clubs.

  • Rapha Cycling Club

    Rapha Cycling Club

    The chapter’s weekly excursions offer a true test of stamina, as well as the opportunity to drink coffee and the regular night rides have proved extremely popular.

  • SIR Cycling

    SIR Cycling

    South Island Road Cycling is a forum for Road Cyclists in Hong Kong. Mid-week rides are early (0545 start) with the aim of getting home around 7am or so.

  • Taiwan KOM Challenge

    Taiwan KOM Challenge

    Organisers of what must be one of the longest uphill races in the world. They hold several events throughout the year.

  • The Cycling Association of Hong Kong

    The Cycling Association of Hong Kong

    The Hong Kong Cycling Association was founded in 1960 and in 2014 it became registered under the Companies Ordinance as "The Cycling Association of Hong Kong, China Limited".

  • The Niseko Classic

    The Niseko Classic

    Hokkaido's premier road race - a UCI qualifier event

  • Tour de Okinawa

    Tour de Okinawa

    Organisers of Pro and amateur cycling events in Okinawa

  • Tour of Friendship R1 Thailand

    Tour of Friendship R1 Thailand

    The Tour of Friendship R1 is neither about professional racing nor money it is all about the love for cycling and to connect cyclists from all over the world. A dedicated staff of 120 take care of the roads and support the cyclists.

  • Tritons Triathlon Club

    Tritons Triathlon Club

    The Tritons Triathlon Club is geared towards the racing and social aspects of multi sports - in HK and abroad - allowing members to come together to train and compete under a team flag.

  • Unfound


    Unfound is a social community platform for cyclists who seek to experience more - selling well-designed accessories for both on and off the bike. It has a Hong Kong base.

  • Vitagreen Charitable Fund

    Vitagreen Charitable Fund

    Organiser/funder of an annual race in Central

  • Xspeed Racing

    Xspeed Racing

    Xspeed Sports Club is a non-profit founded in 2004 with a mission to promote cycling as a ‘Sport for All’ and to nurture cycling talents in Hong Kong.