Despite 80% probability of rain in the morning, the clouds stayed away and the inaugural SIR Duo TT "training ride" went ahead as planned. A total of ten teams and two solo riders showed up.

Tuesday 28th May 2019

Not surprisingly, Kris and Paul M. did very well, averaging 44.5 kph and rolled in in first place in 32 minutes and 34 seconds. The team split the course into two halves at the roundabouts, and each rider took their turn for one direction (Paul cunningly chose the section with the tailwind).

Just under two minutes behind, the second placed team Steven Baker and Duncan Watt came in with a still very impressive 42.2km/h average! Pete and Eka looked very strong but unfortunately failed to finish as a team as Pete had to withdraw due to dental discomfort. Eka went on the ride an impressive time solo, matching the second placed men's team!

Philippe and Romain smashed the unofficial road bike title with a strong ride that put them in 3rd overall while Henrik and Sharkey put in a solid performance which gave them a 17second win over Ryan and Paul W and placed them 4th.

Rupert and Jane, also on road bikes, took advantage of years of riding together and took the next place, finishing about a minute ahead of the other mixed team, Bo and Christina. Andrew and Niek finished just over a minute later and not long after that, Cora and Jen took the womens team title with a 41:59! There were also strong rides from Alex and Boomer who ended up riding solo on the day.

A big thanks to Matthew Macpherson (son of Andrew) who took lots of great pictures of the event (see below).

Paul Madden and Kris Guns32.3444.5km/hMens 1st
Steven Baker and Duncan Watt34.2142.2km/hMens 2nd
Philippe Cosentino and Romain Chappotteau34.3841.6km/hMens 3rd
Henrik Pedersen and Andrew Sharkey34.5741.5km/hMens 4th
Ryan Kemp and Paul Wright35.1441.1km/hMens 5th
Jane and Rupert Griffiths37.3838.5km/hMixed 1st
Christina Hudson and Bo Kratz38.4537.4km/hMixed 2nd
Andrew Macpherson and Niek Niens40.0636.1km/hMens 6th
Cora Van Laer and Jen Hsieh41.5934.5km/hWomens 1st