What does it mean...

What does it mean...

...that character on the SIR jersey?

Tuesday 9th April 2019

Have you ever wondered what that Chinese character on the back of the SIR jersey actually means? To be sure, it is not the word for pork dumplings. In Mandarin the word is ren, in Cantonese it is yang, which means ENDURE, TOLERATE

On the back of a SIR jersey it has a dual purpose. The first is to describe the mindset of a true cyclist who endures and pushes through. Essentially HTFU as our friends from down under would say. But it also carries a message to impatient drivers stuck behind you, to tolerate you and other cyclists on the road. 

The word ren is also the first character in the word renzhe, 忍者 literally meaning endure-person. This might not mean a lot to you, but if you show it to a Japanese, he or she will pronounce it as Ninja. 

Maybe the SIR kit should have been stealth black from the start?

So there you go, one for the pub quiz night