SIRC Events to keep you motivated

SIRC Events to keep you motivated

We all like a good coffee ride but competition and the drive to get faster on the bike is at the core of SIRC. Here are some great events to keep the motivation up for the second half of 2021!

Friday 6th August 2021

It's been a few months since the competition of the Segment Challenge concluded and without any solid races in the calendar, it's easy for motivation to fade. As a remedy, the SIRC roundtable has put together some plans for the second half of the year that we hope will help provide a reason to get out there despite the incessant torrential rain that is only punctuated by periods of hellfire heat.

Good Bye Bo, or See You Later  (plus La Vuelta) - September 4th

Before we get into the cycling events we have an important social event first. SIRC member no.1, founder Bo Kratz is leaving HK in September. There will be a special leaving ride with Bo , September 4th – probably an Island Classic – and then drinks in the evening, hopefully in the Globe. So please make sure to keep the date free so that we can bid farewell to Bo over a few beers (and it also happens to be the penultimate stage of the Vuelta so we’ll have that on). Save the date!!

Ok, now for the events, and we have a few new and exciting ones on offer.

The 'Deconstructed Sirloin' Race - September 25th

We will be dusting of Segment Spinner for this one. The route is a half Sirloin, that is, from Shek O to Mt Austin on the normal roads. However, for safety, we will neutralise all the descents and sections with traffic lights. The winner will be the rider with the shortest combined time of a number of uphill segments. All segment times need to be part of the same ride, and there will be a window for the start time, eg 5am to 7am. More details to follow closer to the time.

The infamous Tour of Pain - October 16th

The edition of the TOP will be held on October 16th and will be a New Territories-based event featuring some legendary climbs such as Robin’s nest, as well as some more unusual routing. Expect approx. 120km and close to 4000M so bring your lowest geared bike with the fatest possible tires. Finishers qualify to purchase the iconic jersey. Details to follow.

SIRC Race to Freedom – November 13th

Taking inspiration from the Dragon’s Race to Enlightenment but choosing a much more sensible time of year,  we will be hosting a mass-start race suited to the climbers. This one is going to be epic. The start will on Castle Peak Rd (exact location to be determined) and then we’ll race a few KM of flatish rolling roads to string us out, before hitting Tai Lam Country Park and taking the steeper route up to Route Twisk. Riders then continue up to the finish at the top of Tai Mo Shan! We can expect the fastest times to be around 1 hr 30 so this is a BIG and super tough race. Details to follow.

SIRC Peak ITT – December 4th or December 11th

The annual flagship event from the SIRC. Who will be there to challenge the power climbers? We hope to have the Christmas party on the same evening if circumstances allow.

We hope that serves as a good smorgasbord of events to cater to everyone and provide sufficient motivation to get us all out there training hard. We might even slot in an Autumn Duo TT if there is demand, as this event was so popular in May.

Once we are through this lot we can look forward to another HK Island-based TOP as well as next year's Spring Classics Segment Challenge! Good Times!!