Peak ITT 2020

Peak ITT 2020

Despite the social distancing rules, the SIRC Peak ITT attracted a record number of riders, with 63 submitting a time for the 6.8km course between 6 am and midday on Saturday the 5th, and we had a new course record set for the ladies!

Wednesday 9th December 2020

December 5th turned out to be another fabulous day for riding, and perfect conditions for the annual winter peak time trial where securing the Colin Robertson Trophy guarantees a seat in an exclusive hall of fame. 

In addition to the Colin Robertson Trophy, we had a lot of other cool prizes up for winning riders including the new SIRC bidons, SIRC mussettes and also Mykeeka kit bags generously donated by BJ Plumber who is the man behind the brand. 

Winners of the Colin Robertson Trophy

The overall winner of the men's was Philip Chenaux-Repond with an amazing time of 18:39 while the women's was taken by Yannkai Oh with a 21:46 which is a new QOM and course record. These two will receive trophies for the wins in addition to receiving the age-group prizes.

Age group winners


  • Men under 30: Chris Liu
  • Men 30-34: Adil Zizi
  • Men 35-39: Spoonb Chan
  • Men 40-44: Ben HK
  • Men: 45-49: Ben Allen
  • Men: 50-54 Paul Wright
  • Men: 55-59: Mike Tse


  • Women under 35: Jenny Barbour
  • Women 35-39: Wynnie Fung
  • Women 40-49: Jane Griffiths

Each of these winners will be awarded a classic blue SIRC biden, a SIRC musette and also a Mykeeka kit bag. 

Special mention has to be made of the men's 40-44 age group as the top 4 riders were separated by a mere 6 seconds and a very late upload by Ben took the title from our Whatsapp Gif super star Redders.

There was controversy in the woman's under 35 as we had a standout performance from Emilie Soust only to be identified as a possible drafter by Strava police. It turned out to be a very innocent mistake by newbies to the SIRC scene and a misunderstanding of the rules. A very impressive time none-the-less and Emilie will be one to look out for in future editions!

We also had Ben Allen just 4 seconds behind the smiling speedster that is Adil Zizi which is very impressive as Ben's normally in the depths of Mong Kok and isn't sure which colour taxi can drop him at Sinopec.

A final shout out to Paul Wright who has just entered a new age group and proved that waiting for an age group change is as a good as a year off work. 

Most Improved Rider

Despite many riders carrying covid-kilos and posting slower times than previous years, there were some standout performances that showed working from home is not always at home!  

The overal winners managed to acheive PB's and so did Ben Allen, LC Fung, Andrew Herbert, Sergio Rodriguez, Matt O'Callaghan, Spoonb Chan, Nick Niens, Andrew Sharkey, Thomas Butter, Vivek Varadarajannn, Dimitris Tsaras, Edmond Yuen, Joaquin West, Aaron Anderson, FT, Matthew Walton, Richard Whitworth, Simon Forshaw, Chris Drewery, Emilie Soust, Jen Hsieh, Sam Vielie, Michael Church, Mary Ho, Carin Cheung, Sean Knoflick, Ella Karrrsemeijer, BJ Plummer and Hannah Goldie.

The award for the most improved rider goes to Niek Niens who took around 3min 20 seconds of his 2019 time, and he will be awarded the special climbers' edition Mykeeka kit bag.

Its fantastic that in this very lean year of competition that we can still have fun and put something on for the community. Enjoy the images captured on the day!