The growth of indoor, virtual and online training tools has been strong over the last few years. Here are a few ideas from the SIRs.

Wednesday 25th March 2020

This short blog is meant to give you some ideas on how to keep fit, motivated and sane if you cannot hit the roads or the trails as often as you would like to. The Covid-19 situation has resulted in a surge in virtual options, so here are a few ideas and sources for your benefit.


Online virtual cycling platforms such as Zwift, Sufferfest and Peloton are good options as they provide both structure and an element of social interaction, be it on the screen. They do require you to buy or borrow some equipment to make the most of it. GCN did a good Video recently on the basic needs for indoor cycling.

If you are not into virtual training, an easier option is to use a spinning bike, or your normal bike on any basic turbo trainer and then create your own playlist on your favourite music device or search for a suitable cardio/spinning playlist on Spotify or Apple Music. Just pay attention to the beat and spin away.

GCN’s YouTube channel has a lot of cool videos to keep you entertained, but also a great library of free Training Videos to also keep you motivated, even if you’re not hooked up to any of the virtual platforms.


If you cannot keep up your mileage, it might be a good idea to pay some attention to your core strength, we all know that we should do more of it, so this might be your chance. 

Our own SIR Paul aka “The Judge” has also recently posted a lot of great ideas on BOOST HEALTH. One aspect he covers is how to train even if you have no other tool than your own body. Your body will do, even if it does not look like Paul’s.

TRX is another very portable and versatile tool that I like myself. It is particularly suited for smaller Hong Kong apartments where building a home gym might result in a somewhat strained relationship with your partner.


Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea, but I have seen many hardcore riders eventually finding their way to YOGA as a great complement to cycling. Core Power Yoga is just one of many platforms. Alternatively, just do a simple search on YouTube and you will be spoiled for choice.


Admittedly just scratching the surface on this big topic, but I cannot resist recommending a book that I have enjoyed revisiting again and again over the years. Rolf Dobelli’s The Art of Thinking Clearly is great, written in 99 short bite-size chapters. Rolf will point out how evolution has armed us with cognitive biases that were very handy on the savannah, but not always useful in the 21st century. Being aware of them is a great way to think clearly and reduce unnecessary stress.

Have fun,