Christmas Party Comedy Awards (& Colin Robertson Memorial Peak TT Honours)

Christmas Party Comedy Awards (& Colin Robertson Memorial Peak TT Honours)

As Oscar Wilde famously said, "Life Is Too Short To Be Taken Seriously", except of course when it comes to "The Rules". Likewise, awards at Christmas parties should NEVER be serious, nor interrupt a good time!

Sunday 15th December 2019

The SIRS awards presented at this year's Dragon/SIRs Christmas Party are as follows

Brokeback TMS Award (most improved and handsome rider)

A special meeting changed the tone of the club forever and even resulted in a new segment.

Goes to : Ric Shadworth

Most Pussy Award

Pussy related injuries (and great pussy gifs)

Goes to : James King

Most consistent female rider

We have to reward any kind of riding that DELIVERs exceptional results!!

Goes to : Helen Cosentino (picked up by expecting father Philippe)

Beware Danger Award

Its back luck to mention the word "Crash" but some people can't help themselves!

Goes to : Anthony Lam

Absent due to crash (although he claims another dinner)

Best GIF-fer and longest taper

Sometimes its not about the bike OR the riding!

Goes to : Paul Redders 

Absent due to manflu (more tapering)

Best Smashfest Instigator (and bike breaker)

So you think you are on a coffee ride....👺

Goes to : Kris Guns

Colin Robertson Memorial Time Trial

OK, this one IS serious!!

The winners of this year's revered trophies for the Colin Robertson Memorial Paak Time Trial are:

Women: Jenny Barbour

Men:  Adil Zizi

*we plan to create a special results page for this event soon!